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This is a wiki article about the wonderful Ace1263, known throughout the lands of Mockingbird County, on! It will mostly focus on the person behind the mask, and his relations with the world around him. It will also contain some valuable life lessons for the kiddies, like don't stick your dick in a blender, it might hurt. This article won't have many references, if you want to test out your nerd skills, go to his profile, here.

Origins in Bang-Howdy.

Besides stating the obvious fact that Ace1263 was born from his mother and father, on his birthdate (Who'd a guessed), he started off his internet Life, as it were, on a free-to-play game called Bang-Howdy!. It was a simple game with a Wild-West theme going through it. There was a game-mode that was a turn-based strategy thing and he was rather good at it, but that's not what occupied him the most. He prowled the chatrooms doing whatever he wanted, and accrued a sort of following. Now, he was at the ripe old age of 9 at the time, so he was still doing those horrible role-play relationship things online and it was all very sad. Those times were good for him, he had a ball ripping people to shreds (Verbally and role-playally(?)) and became hooked on this version of human interraction.

The Rise of Bang-Howdy.

About a year after Ace1263 joined, the developers of Bang-Howdy decided to capitolize and added an Expansion to the game. It was a new area, with new units, new clothes, new bounties and a new place to chat. You had to pay to get the Expansion, which required you to buy Gold, a currency in-game that allowed you to buy high end things, but you needed to buy them with real money, so it was an obtuse way of dealing with things. So he nagged his parents, and they caved in, buying him Gold and the Expansion. All was fine and well, Bang-Howdy had a steady 700 people on-line constantly (Not much for a game nowadays, but for a game that small that was free-to-play, it was pretty good) and roughly around three quarters of everyone who play Bang-Howdy had Gold and the expansion. Obviously that was a great number for the developers and they would go on steady for a while with plans to make 4 more Expansions to the game.

The Crash of Bang-Howdy.

After all the success of Gold and the Expansion, they, for some reason, decided that they should veto that plan and go for something completly different. They instated a new currency. A badge that was a one-time buy that let you buy all of the things that Gold let you buy before, just without complication. Seems all well and good, right? Well, apperantly the developers forgot to over-look the three quarters of the people who had already paid for Gold, and Ace1263 was one of them. The developers (I imagine) didn't know what to do and somehow everyone who had bought Gold before, period, got permanently banned from Bang-Howdy. Let me say that again, folks. Every single person who put in money to the developers to get some exclusive items in-game lost all the currency in-game and their accounts, on top of which the computer they were on could no longer play the game for reasons of persistant I.P ban! So after that catastrophe, no one really went on the game anymore. The numbers dwindled from 700 people a day on the main area of the game to 70.

The migration.

Ace1263 hadn't survived the Crash with his account intact. He managed a way to visit the ruins on an alternate account, only to find no one he knew had survived. It was over for him there. There was about a 5 month down period until he found Kongregate! Ace1263 having been on Bang-Howdy for aproximately 3 years since the age of nine, he would of joined Kongregate in his middle 11's, which fits perfectly with the time that Kong' states he joined.

Finding Mockingbird County.

Ace1263 mostly spent the first half of the first year on Kong' just playing games, which got him to a nice level 13. In the summer of '09 he had decided to stop playing games for a while and go into the chat for a while. He just so happened to be in Mockingbird County with Superbuu1 troll-turning, so he naturally joined it. He sort of hit it off and became a regular in MBC all through the summer.

The Blight of Mockingbird County.

In september through november of '09 one of the worst things ever happened. A girl by the name of XCZ something or other (Her name is just random letters and numbers with no real algorithm) had settled in, and had caused the chat to fall in a state of eternal war. It was horrible, as only regulars and the afformentioned blight-causer would stay in the chat for more then five minutes because no one wanted to get caught in the cross-fire. It was a horrible time for all, and a real developemental godsend (LOL) in that Ace1263 grew to have extraodinarily sharp and tactful insults, and have an immense hatred for most of human life/stupidity.

Explaining the pictures.

Most of the pictures are from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and they are just awesome, Ace1263 is a big fan of the anime, and found it best, because most of his avatars are of the afformentioned anime. The other pictures are from Azumanga Daioh and Ouran High School Host Club.

Places Ace1263 frequents (internet related)

Being someone who spends most of his time on the computer, he's no stranger to the internet. He's one of the proud veterans in the Mockingbird County chatroom on He is also a large user of, obviously. He also frequents,,


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Ace1263 mostly enjoys "Slice of Life" Animes, but indulges in other genres, as long as they are well crafted enough.I've watched my fair share of anime. LIST START NAO: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Ouran High School Host Club. Azumanga Daioh. The Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Movie and show). Infinite Stratos. Baka to Test to Shounkanjuu. Shuffle! Highschool of the Dead.


Ace1263 cannot draw for shit. I'll just flat out say that. Not for lack of trying, though. It's just his hands are not made for writing or drawing. Despite that, he still "Tries" drawing in the Manga and Anime styles. He's still "Learning". Frankly I don't think that he'll actually ever be good, but what ever.

Musical tastes.

While not being a fan of only one type of music, his tastes are limited to things that don't suck. While, the question isn't what he does like, it's better to ask what he doesn't like. Ace1263 does not enjoy Pop, Country or Rap. Him and his peers strongly think that people who like those types of music should get the death penalty, but aren't inclined to do so, with their own hands, anyways. Though, even though he doesn't like traditional Pop, he always loves Japanese Pop. He's a guitarist, with certain aspirations that probably won't be met, but we won't tell him that, will we.

Cognitive dissonance.

Ace1263 has an odd brand of "Cognitive dissonance". It's more just about things that are not compatable. He loves himself some awesome "Girly" anime, like "Baka to test to shoukanjuu" and others, yet cannot stand "Girly" music. Instead he opts for things like Death Metal. He has an extremely light hearted side whilst the other side is basically beating people's brains in, of course metaphorically. He's very odd in that manner, but I still love him all the same.


Ace1263 is touched by mild narcissism , feeling superior to other's for his high intellect at such a low age. While seeming overtly agressive, when in his good graces, he is a very friendly being, not afraid of speaking his mind, but always restraining himself, maybe to not hurt the others around him, or maybe just to have more material for the long term of things. Ace1263 reportedly never get's bored, and is almost always happy with his life. While the former may be true, his is sometimes a very loose cannon. He get's very annoyed and, sometimes, enraged at spelling errors and grammatical inadequacies that other's put out. Being a devout athiest, he is always ready to defend the path of reason. He also has an obsession with quoting things, going so far as to, ritually, say "It is dark now, you are likely to be eaten by a Grue." at nightfall and "The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night." at sunrise. While not seeming easily approachable, good grammar and very positive speach will prevail. But, if that fails, a good troll-turning session can land you in his good graces. After all of that description, he may seem to be a very mean, self centered person, which is true to an extent, but in some moments he can be in hyperactive otaku mode, sometimes he can be in ashamed weeaboo mode. What I'm trying to say is that he's not alway a pompous douche, no offense, and he can actually be very childish and light hearted.Bwahaha!

Ace1263's group of friends. (internet only)

Ace1263 friends are almost always in Mockingbird County, at While having never met any of his internet friends in real life, he shares a great friendship with them all. While the group is very hard to get into, they aren't hard to approach, when grouped, anyways. I would put in all of their names, but go to the Mockingbird County page here and look at the chat veterans, that's his group of friends, bassically. To those who enjoy anime, and don't personally know the group of friends, try seeing who fits whose character.Yes, I know, there are thirteen characters and only twelve MBC veterans, but add Abawazeer to the friend count, so thirteen out of thirteen! (Honestly I don't think any of the MBC veterans fit into any of the bodies, but if I was to make a leap of faith, Ace1263 would probably be Sakaki. But we all know that Ace1263 almost perfectly fits Motherfuckin' Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (See facepalm picture above) or Yuki Nagato, also from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (See picture of purple haired female)) While Ace only sports 30 friends on MBC, while that number may seem pathetic, he feels that he doesn't need a pleathora of mere acquaintances to back him up on his works. That being said, he does have sort of a Fanclub dedicated to him, being his MBC fans. Considering the ratio of fans to friends, it is very prestigious to be a friend of Ace1263, because he has so few.

Group shot! =DAwesomeness


While troll-turning in an of itself an amazingly fun sport, it's Ace1263's job to troll turn, almost all day long. He works the night shifts at MBC, because no one is as insane as him. Since it's his job, he takes great pride in it, and has gotten extremely good. So good that trolls themselves usually never come back to MBC after one encounter. The ones that do usually have mental issues. Like most trolls, actually, just worse. After the summer Ace1263 has a fine number of trolls turned in his name. But if we were to name them all, this whole page would be full. Also, I don't quite remember all of them, nor does Ace1263, since he get's a lot of them, all of the time. But even so, he is amazing at troll-turning, one of the best in the world, actually. Yet another reason not to fuck with MBC. (Originally there was supposed to be a Bodycount here, but I vetoed that idea since I felt it too time consuming to, after every single troll I encounter, add their name to a list, I just couldn't of had the patience to do so, that being said, I haven't given up on troll-turning.)

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